Eat. Sleep. Scroll. Repeat. This Is It?


Let me guess, the first thing you did this morning was reach for your phone and before you knew it, you're scrolling through Instagram. You tap on the little red heart to show some love, but there's a twinge of bittersweet envy.

Your Insta-tribe look so glossy, so vibrant, so aligned, so… much better than what you’ve been feeling lately.



You're Life Feels Like It's On Repeat.


Opportunities keep passing you by.

You thought you'd met the one but they ended up being just like all of the others.

Your friends all seem to be overachieving, and you’re stuck in this hustle while everyone else is being projectile vomited with blessings from the universe.

You can’t help but think:  What about me? There must be more to life than this…?

The answer is, there is more to life than what you’re living.


All Of Your Favourite Social Media Accounts Are Proof That Anything Is Possible.


The Path To Infinite Possibilities?


It’s An Inside Job.


It's up to you to take your slice of the cosmic pie.

It’s time to own what you want, create the strategy to manifest, and live your wildest dreams.

It's time to start making your own magic happen, sister!

And I can help.


You're invited to join me in my private sanctuary in Chelmsford or via Skype. 


Create Your Own Magic.


If You Want To:


Find your inner balance and become the ultimate version of you.

Feel calm and relaxed.

Feel supported in your spiritual practice.

Feel in flow with the life that you're living right now and excited about what you see around you. 

Feel grounded and empowered.

Become a Reiki practitioner.


"Wolf Sister's energy detox was such a wonderful heart-opening session for me. With her gentle guided meditations and angelic Reiki healing, she takes you on a gentle journey of relaxation and self discovery. Her unique way of working with energy is light yet powerful, and she is a wonderfully warm and creative teacher and guide."

- Xochi, The Naturalista


"My session with Tamara was amazing - I've worked with many different healers over the past few years and Tamara really stands out; she's one of those people with whom you immediately feel at ease with and creates a beautifully healing space to share with you. She is super-intuitive, incredibly present and down to earth and was able to get straight to the core of some issues I had been dealing with. She gently guided me to a place of clarity and self-empowerment - I had so many 'a-ha' moments during our session! I left  feeling relaxed, aligned and inspired and have been implementing her guidance to great effect ever since. I would recommend Tamara to anyone!"

- Helen Morris, Samsara Communications