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Reiki Attunement (Level One) 7

I am absolutely loving doing the Reiki self treatments on myself especially in the morning; they are giving me such good vibes to get the day going. It's also crazy that you can just get into the zone with some deep breaths, say 'reiki on' and then literally feel the energy running through you it feels so powerful and healing - it's definitely upped the meditation game for me! I feel more like myself then I have done in ages and doing Reiki on myself has helped me so much to stay positive, present and content with how things are in my life now. I can't wait to do my Reiki 2!!

- Melissa Chapman

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Reiki Attunement (Level One) 6

From the first moment I met Tamara I felt like we had a great connection and I have always been drawn towards her. When I decided that I wanted to do my first level Reiki, I didn't even think about asking anyone else; I knew she was the one for me. Tamara is very knowledgable and has amazing energy. She has been very supportive throughout my Reiki journey and I feel honoured to call her me Reiki master. The day was incredible and such a memorable experience. I have felt much clearer and more positive since the attunement. My energy levels have increased and it seems as if my holistic massage treatments have really benefitted from my attunement, too. I feel like my intuition is much stronger now. Practising Reiki on myself each morning makes me feel very positive and clear headed to start the day. I am excited to have started this journey with Tamara, I really feel like its opened up a new lease of life.


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Reiki Attunement (Level One) 4

I felt very welcomed and nurtured. I loved how clear Tamara was and despite talking about spiritual practice she did it in a demystifying manner. She was very good at listening to my observations and gave good answers to all my questions. Since the attunement, I am feeling calmer, clearer and have more energy, as well as very hot hands! I fully believe in Tamara’s commitment to the Reiki journey and to helping people to bring it into their lives.

- Louise

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Reiki Attunement (Level One) 1

Doing my Reiki training with Tamara has changed me deeply on the inside. I've re-connected to my heart and my intuition; something that I've been trying to do for a while with no luck. Tamara really knows her stuff, she is so warm and welcoming and I can't wait to do my level 2 training with her.


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