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Intuitive Mentoring 2

Working with Wolf Sister is an amazing experience. I feel so comfortable and grounded. Tamara has such a magnetic personality, it’s like having a cosmic consultant as your best friend. The sessions are in-depth and tailored to your specific needs. They are deep soul diving sessions where you explore what is best for you at that given moment. I always feel extremely connected, clear and excited to implement the work after our sessions.

- Leanna

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Intuitive Mentoring 1

Tamara has been coaching me on Tarot reading for the last couple of years, on and off. It has been wonderful to have such a hands on experience with her. She brings such warmth to her sessions and I have taken so much away from her. My favourite thing was associating cards with film characters or people I know and it’s made my readings so much better as sometimes I read now and I’m like oooo that’s my dad! Tamara is such a warm hearted, powerful woman - and if that’s not testimony enough, despite all I learnt I don’t know what is! I will be working with her for years to come I’m sure.

- Jenni

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