Palo Santo, which is also known as ‘Holy wood’ in Spanish, comes from Palo Santo trees in South America. It’s famously used by Shamans and indigenous cultures for ceremonial purposes. When the wood is burned, the smoke is said to have medicinal and therapeutic properties, which is why it’s used for cleansing, blessing and protection rituals.

This is sustainably sourced Palo Santo, which has fallen naturally. No trees were cut to source this product. The supplier invests a percentage of sales towards the reforestation in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador.

Each bundle contains 3 pieces of Palo Santo, because this is a natural product size and shape will vary.

How to use:

Light a piece of Palo Santo and allow it to burn a little. Once the flame has fades and it begins to smoke, hold the stick at a safe distance from your body and allow the smoke to was over you as it resets your energy (can also be used to cleanse crystals and other sacred objects). Ctrl+Alt+Delete for your vibes.

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