Reiki Session




Strung out and stressed out.
You’re too busy saying yes to everyone else.
Worried about what will happen if you say no.
Too much overtime. Not enough self-care.
What you need keeps getting pushed to the back of the queue.
Your boundaries have vanished into thin air.
The result? You ain’t getting no satisfaction.
You need some space to catch your breath.
It’s time for an energy reset.
Recharge with a reiki session.

Choose this session if:

You want to press ctrl alt delete on your situation and find some inner peace.

What to expect:

Having a reiki treatment is an act of self-care that gives you space to just be. They say that a change is as good as a holiday; well, a reiki treatment can work in the same way, by re-balancing your energy. During this treatment, you’ll be able to catch your breath and tune out from all of your usual distractions. It’s an opportunity to unplug and remember what it feels like to be relaxed and supported.


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