Reiki Level One

Initiation & Training Day

A Reiki attunement (aka initiation) activates you as a channel for healing energy. Think of it as rewiring your energy system and giving you an upgrade. What I love about reiki is that anyone can do it; as long as you've been initiated by a qualified Reiki Master: hello! Reiki is a hands-on (and off) healing practice that was founded by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese healer. Reiki can be translated as 'rei' universe/source/spirit and 'ki' energy, which means that you're tuning into a benevolent source of energy. It doesn't involve any complicated theory and you don't have to take any tests. The attunement awakens your innate powers as a healer. Healing is an inside job and starts with you. This can be used for your personal practice and to share with others. Becoming attuned for reiki doesn't mean that you have to use it on others or pursue it professionally, unless you want to. Reiki harmonises the mind, body and spirit, connects you to your personal power and aligns you to your unique purpose.

This is a sacred initiation and I teach this to intimate groups of 2-4 people, so that you’ve got plenty of time and space to process everything.

If you'd like a sneak peak of the day, this is what you can expect...

So, imagine this:

You're welcomed into my home in Chelmsford - which is super easy to get to. It's a direct train from stratford (if you're coming from London) and then a bus/taxi. Any nervous butterflies that you may have been feeling start to dissipate as you're greeted by some friendly new faces; your reiki-kin.

Everyone gets comfy with a mug of tea and as we start to introduce ourselves, you find that you've already got so much in common with each other.

I’ll explain how the day's going to flow and that it's going to be super informal. This sacred space is for you to relax and integrate all of the information that you're about to receive. You have a quick flick through the reiki manual that you've been given and you should probably get out your notebook so that you can capture all of the juicy teachings and insights that are going to be dropping throughout the day.

You don't want to miss a thing.

Over the course of the day there are three elements: Reiki 101 (what it is, what it does and how to use it), the attunements (aka the initiation) and hands on practice so that you know exactly how to start infusing reiki into your everyday life.

We talk about Dr Usui (the founder) and how Reiki became what it is. You learn about energy and the chakras so that you can understand how it all works and how to tune into your own vibes to keep them in check. The first attunement activates your connection with Reiki and you take some time to journal what's coming through for you.

After lunch, we get comfy again and I guide you through a self-healing sequence where you can start to flexing your new reiki superpowers. You can't remember the last time you were this relaxed. We talk about the different reiki techniques and how weave them into different situations. You're already thinking about who/what to try it on next.

As the day flows on, you receive two more reiki attunements and with each activation your intuition gets clearer - your notebook pages get filled up with even more insights and wisdom. I guide you through how-to-give-a-treatment-to-someone else; you feel slightly apprehensive but by now it's as if you've known the group forever and once you begin it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Then, it's your turn and you swap places so that you can receive some reiki. You share what it felt like to give and receive reiki; the feedback makes you feel confident to practice on others.

By 6pm, the day has flown by and your mind is blown with all of the new practices that you've learnt. You're glad that you've taken so many notes because the day has totally exceeded your expectations and you can't wait to go through all of your notes again to carry on spreading the reiki love. Inspired, ultra calm and content. It's as if you've been in a bubble of reiki all day.


Friday 4th October, 2019

10.30 AM - 6 PM


Chelmsford, Essex


£250; includes a manual and certificate

(Payment plans available on request)

You’ll receive details about preparation with a confirmation email on booking.

If you have any questions about the day, get in touch:


Reiki I initiates you to channel energy healing for yourself, friends, family, pets and more. With Reiki II you'll learn more about how to use it in a professional capacity and how to activate the sacred symbols. Reiki Master (the third level) initiates you as a teacher so that you can train others to be reiki practitioners. I usually recommend having at least 6 months in between Reiki I and Reiki II so that you have time to integrate the shifts that you may experience.