Reiki attunement

Become your own healer.


A Reiki attunement is a sacred initiation that activates you as a channel for healing energy. It awakens your innate powers as a healer.

Healing is an inside job and starts with you.

This can be used for your personal practice and for healing others.

Reiki harmonises the mind, body and spirit, connects you to your personal power and aligns you to your purpose.

Reiki resolves stuck energy and can be used to reprogram limiting beliefs and outdated coping mechanisms, heal past traumas and activate your chakras. 

Becoming attuned for reiki doesn't mean that you have to take it up professionally. It's an empowering self-care tool that honours your intuition. 

There are 3 degrees of Reiki - I, II and Master.


Reiki level I is the first initiation, it activates you as a healing channel and allows you to practice reiki on yourself, friends/family and animals. 


Reiki level II teaches you how to focus the intention of reiki through sacred symbols. It gives you a deeper understanding of reiki and you'll learn how activate emotional healing - releasing out-dated thought processes and limiting beliefs. You will also learn how to do long distance healing. Reiki II allows you to practice reiki in a professional capacity. 


Reiki Master teaches the final sacred symbol and initiates you to attune and certify others. 


Each level attunes you more and more to reiki, awareness intensifies with every attunement.


"I have felt much clearer and more positive since the attunement. My energy levels have increased and I feel like my holistic massage treatments have really benefitted from my attunement and i feel like my intuition is much stronger now. It is an amazing addition to my daily life. Practising Reiki on myself each morning makes me feel very positive and clear headed to start the day. I am excited to have started this journey with Tamara, I really feel like its opened up a new lease of life." 

- Jade, Jade Jasmin

"I am absolutely loving doing the Reiki self treatments on myself especially in the morning; they are giving me such good vibes to get the day going. It's also crazy that you can just get into the zone with some deep breaths, say 'reiki on' and then literally feel the energy running through you it feels so powerful and healing - it's definitely upped the meditation game for me! I feel more like myself then I have done in ages and doing Reiki on myself has helped me so much to stay positive, present and content with how things are in my life now. I can't wait to do my Reiki 2!!" 

- Melissa Chapman


Reiki i attunement 

investment: £220

One day / 10.30-6pm

Upcoming dates: thursday 4th october, 2018

Location: Chelmsford, Essex. 

Reiki attunements are held in small groups of 2-4 people. If you would prefer to have a 1:1 training, feel free to get in touch to arrange a date. 




A reiki attunement is a sacred initiation on your path to healing. It's passed down by a Reiki Master through a series of sacred rituals. Reiki I accelerates your spiritual development. Not only is it an informative and practical training, it's a profoundly healing experience that will transform your life. Anyone can receive a reiki attunement, and once you receive this initiation you're activated to channel Universal energy for the rest of your life. 


You will learn about:

Reiki principles

Reiki history

Chakras + Energy

Reiki techniques for healing - self healing and healing others

How to give a full reiki treatment

How to infuse reiki with everyday life


You will receive:

Reiki initiation

Reiki Manual - explaining sacred information, hand alignments and techniques.

A full Reiki treatment

Certificate in Reiki

A day of healing and enlightenment.

Experience of receiving and sharing Reiki.


What you can expect after your reiki attunement:

  • Magnification of your inner perceptions

  • Awareness of deeper thoughts and emotions

  • Growing self-confidence

  • More compassion towards the world around you

  • Taking more responsibility for your own life and wellbeing

  • Solving old problems

  • Increasing trust in existence as a benevolent force

  • Sharpening your intuition