You pressed send on an important email that you hadn’t finished, yet.

You went to the wrong bar to meet your friend because you didn’t realise that there’s two bars with almost the same name, in opposite sides of town. **Now you’re even later than you already were**.

What was the point in paying for next day delivery? Your online order has gone MIA.

You've updated the software on your phone and it’s erased all of your numbers.

Where’s your passport?

The car broke down. The bus didn’t show up. Your train’s delayed. Where are all of the Ubers? You almost missed your flight.

You had an argument with your lover and they just didn’t understand what you were trying to say. Now it’s stalemate.

WTF’s going on?

These are all telltale signs that Mercury’s gone retrograde.

Mercury, the planet of communication, travel/transport and technology; rules the transfer of information and is infamous for being a trickster when it comes to all of these things while it does a back-spin. It has disruptive tendencies because signals can get jammed when this planet isn’t moving direct.

Hold up. This doesn’t mean that you need to go into hiding until this planet starts moving forward again.

Mercury isn’t on a mission to fuck shit up for us.

It wants us to get extra vigilant with our communication, scheduling and taking care of our gadgets.

Instead of blaming Mercury for three-weeks* of mishaps; (triple) check yourself before you wreck yourself.


*Mercury goes retrograde three or four times a year, for three weeks. It has a shadow period aka #retroshade, either side of this transit and it’s effects can also be noticeable for two weeks before and after the ‘official’ retrograde period.


While everyone around you are losing their heads.

Here’s how to keep your cool during Mercury Retrograde.


Things to do:



Password-protect sensitive data, save important files and photos so that they're backed-up on a hard-drive or cloud. 

Finalise any negotiations before the retrograde phase begins or delay until after, if you can.  



Slow down.

Check out this tarot spread for a personal insight into what this retrograde wants to teach you. 

Make sure you read through any emails, messages, articles, blog posts or proposals that you've written (and then double-check) before pressing send/publish. 

Read any messages, emails or letters that you receive thoroughly.

Take a moment to think before you speak, reply or react, to avoid misunderstandings.

Confirm appointments, plans, meetings, arrangements and travel details, in advance.

Allow yourself extra time for travel to avoid getting caught up in delays.

Don't walk and text, there are kerbs waiting to trip you up. 

Revisit, review, revise, renew, revamp, redecorate - anything with the prefix re-, will make sure that you're working with Mercury while it retrogrades.

Use Mercury Retrograde to declutter your to-do list: Go back and finish projects that have been trying to get your attention (see above). 

Keep mugs of tea (or any other beverages) away from your laptop and your phone away out of your back pocket when you go to the toilet because this is when accidents like this often happen. 

Don't be surprised if you get a blast from the past and bump into an ex or old friends. 

Avoid gossiping. Full stop. Especially during this time because you won't know the full story and you don't want to get caught out spreading rumours that aren't true.

Be kind (to yourself and others).

Practice acceptance, compassion and forgiveness. 




Save buying cars, gadgets or upgrading your phone until after this phase. 

Mercury retrograde isn’t the ideal time to sign on the dotted line with contracts because you may not have all of the information. If this can’t be avoided/delayed, make sure that you read agreements through thoroughly and ask someone that you trust to look through it as well, incase you’ve missed anything.

If you've utilised this time to go through the 're-'s' and decluttering your to-do list(s), the coast will be clear to start new projects once it's over. 


Upcoming Mercury Retrogrades:

5th March - 15th April, 2018

26th July - 18th August, 2018

16th November - 6th December, 2018


If you need some support at the moment: book in for a Tarot reading for some overdue clarity or a crystal healing session to help you feel more balanced. 


tamara driessen