If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on Mercury retrograde

You'll be sipping on lemonade, my darling.



Tarot or oracle cards

Journal and Pen to gather your insights.



Create a sacred space for yourself.

Before you begin your reading take a few moments to centre and ground yourself. Bring all of your awareness into this moment.

Shuffle the cards.

Place the deck in front of you (face down). With your left hand, cut the deck to the left and take the top card from remaining pile.

Take each card from the deck with intention - asking the question clearly in your mind or aloud before you take the card.


Card 1. How can I embrace this Mercury retrograde?

Instead doing your best impression of an ostrich and hiding your head in the sand until the 'storm' passes, check in and find out how you can harness this energy and alchemise. 


Card 2. What do I need to revisit this Mercury retrograde?

When Mercury is back spinning it's the an ideal time to dust off old projects and finish what you've already started. It's all about tying up loose ends so the you have a clear path ahead when this planet goes direct again. 


Card 3. How can I stay grounded during this retrograde?

Mercury retrogrades are notorious for being somewhat chaotic, this card will give you some insight into how you can keep your cool while others may seem to be losing their sh*t. 


Card 4. Where do I need to release control and attachments?

One of my top tips for Mercury retrogrades is to SURRENDER. When you loosen your grip on how you think things should be, you'll start flowing with this planetary phase. 


Card 5. What does this Mercury retrograde want to help me realise?

Mercury is on your side; whatever direction it's heading. This card will help you tap into the lessons that are being revealed for you.


Take some time to meditate on the cards before jumping straight into what they mean. What cards are grabbing your attention. What images and symbols do you notice? How do they make you feel and what do they represent to you? Write these observations in your journal and let your intuition lead the way, before you jump into looking up with they all mean. Allow yourself to soak up the messages of your reading and highlight any recurring words or themes that you notice in your notes. 


I'd love to see how you get on with this spread! Tag me (@__wolfsister) in your posts of this spread on instagram and let me know if you need some help reading it. 


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tamara driessen