Full Day Immersion

You keep missing out on all of the magic because your schedule keeps saying No and the FOMO is too real. Create your own spiritual retreat and get mystical with Tamara.

What’s included:

  • Tarot reading

  • Meditations 

  • Reiki or Crystal Healing session

  • mystical education (see below)

Optional Themes:

  • Tarot/oracle reading journey / throw away the guide book and let your intuition lead the way

  • Meet your spirit guides / access infinite wisdom from the spirit realm

  • Crystals 101 / bring the power of crystal into your everyday life

  • Manifesting love, abundance + success / dissolve the blocks to your wildest dreams

  • Building your spiritual business / the world needs your light

  • Meditation / create a practice that inspires you

  • New or full moon ceremony / make your own magic

How It Works:

Before our coaching day, you'll receive a questionnaire to help you tune into what you want to get out of the experience.

This is a unique transformative day where you'll get to put into practice everything that you learn.

You'll be guided to connect with your highest self and give your intuition undivided attention.

We'll have a follow-up Skype session (1hr) to check-in with how you're integrating all of the magic that we've made.


Want to book in? Use the link below: