90 mins / £150

You're at a crossroads;  your intuition is telling you to go one way but there's a voice in your head that's hijacking the show and keeping you stuck. 


  • We'll meet on Skype and we'll focus on a specific area in your life that you need support with.

  • You'll receive guidance and some intuitive insights to help clear the path so that you can move forward.

  • Expect to receive book recommendations and other sources/tips/tricks to bust through your blocks.

  • Together we'll create a plan with some simple actionable goals to aim for.



1:1 coaching day 

A full day IMMERSION

Create your own spiritual retreat and get mystical. 


what's included: 

  • tarot reading

  • meditations 

  • reiki or crystal healing session

  • mystical education (see below)

optional Themes:

- Tarot/oracle reading journey / throw away the guide book and let your intuition lead the way

- meet your spirit guides / access infinite wisdom from the spirit realm

- crystals 101 / bring the power of crystal into your everyday life

- Manifesting love, abundance + success / dissolve the blocks to your wildest dreams

- building your spiritual business / the world needs your light

- meditation / create a practice that inspires you

- new or full moon ceremony / make your own magic


how it works:

  • Before our coaching day, you'll receive a questionnaire to help you tune into what you want to get out of the experience.

  • This is a unique transformative day where you'll get to put into practice everything that you learn.

  • You'll be guided to connect with your highest self and give your intuition undivided attention.

  • We'll have a follow-up Skype session (1hr) to check in with how you're integrating all of the magic that we've made.


your investment: £xxx


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