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  • She's Lost Control 42 Valentine Road London, England, E9 United Kingdom (map)

'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom'. - Anaïs Nin


I see you. Evolving, shedding layers to reveal the deepest parts of you. Realities that you never believed were possible until now. 

Growing pains aka when good things happen and self-sabotaging thoughts begin to creep in - 'it's too good to be true'… or maybe you just don't believe that you really deserve it? 

Flashbacks to times when things weren't so great and you're sucked into a vortex of worst case scenarios. 

Oops, you did it again - tripping yourself up on the good stuff. 

You're everywhere but in the here and now.  

This is an invitation to anchor all of the abundance in your life, feel it all the way down into your bones. The feeling makes it real and supports you to continue in manifesting all kinds of wonderful. 

You've got this. 

Join Wolf Sister for a crystal infused full moon ceremony where we'll be tuning into the frequencies of Smokey Quartz and healing through empowering rituals. 

Smokey Quartz will support you while you're upgrading your consciousness - protecting you from negative influences by centring your energy.   

It will call you out on your fears and excuses, supporting you to embrace your shadows (to diminish their powers). 

It's time to wake up. 

When you're centred, your confidence is unwavering. There's less chance of being side tracked by melodrama when you're wholeheartedly plugged into the here and NOW. 


You'll activate a unique connection with Smokey Quartz through guided meditation and rituals. 

We'll harness the power of the full moon to release what's no longer working for you, call in more abundance and get grateful for all of the amazing things that you've already invited into your life. 

Together, we'll explore life through the eyes of Smokey Quartz. 

No previous meditation or crystal experience necessary. 

Please bring: Warm layers, socks and blanket. Journal/writing paper and pen to gather any insights from your experience.

Earlier Event: April 11