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  • Blank 100 100 De Beauvoir Road London, England, N1 4EN United Kingdom (map)
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It’s as if cupid’s playing tricks on you.

Everyone seems to have their relationships figured out; while you’re scrambling around for the missing piece of a puzzle.

You thought that you’d swiped right to the one but you’ve just been ghosted.

You were convinced things would be different once you were exclusive but you’ve got some shitty past experiences spamming any rational thoughts.

You were supposed to be over your ex but their face has just popped up on Instagram and you’ve been lured into stalking vortex.

You’re looking over at your lover on the sofa, wondering if they’re actually from another planet?!

Relationships can make us feel crazy, vulnerable, triggering our deepest insecurities and through it all, they’re our biggest teachers.

When cupid’s shooting wonky arrows, you need to take charge and get clear on what you want from this situation.

No matter how much someone adores you; it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t feeling yourself.

And if you ain’t feeling yourself, you’ll keep attracting undesirable situations.

It’s time to break the cycle.

That missing piece of the puzzle? It’s you.

You’re the one that you’ve been waiting for.

Flip the script and re-write your love story at Be Your Own Valentine.

Join Tamara also known as Wolf Sister, for a gathering where we’ll be activating the healing powers of Rose Quartz for some crystal healing, sipping on ceremonial Cacao (a plant medicine that will call back those overactive thoughts that have been leading you astray, get you feeling grounded and open you up to feeling the love), and we’re going to do some love spells and cord-cutting rituals to manifest the kinda loving that you’ve been waiting for.

Single, loved up or somewhere in-between; this one’s for you.

Come and get love stoned.

No previous meditation or crystal experience necessary.

Later Event: February 17