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  • She's Lost Control 42 Valentine Road London, England, E9 United Kingdom (map)

You don't want to admit it but you've been losing faith. 

Questions constantly spinning around your head. 

When? How? Why not, me?... But, when...?

It's as if there's a golden carrot bejewelled with the finest amethyst, dangling in front of you and if you just. Keep. Going. This. Dream. Opportunity. Will. Be. Yours.

But you're burnt out. 

Bored of trying to think positive all of the time. 

Because nothing's happening. 

Not the way you want it to, anyway.

Your intuition whispers to you, 'keep trusting' but how are you supposed to keep the faith when you're forever 30 seconds late for the party bus that everyone else is riding to manifestation-ville. 

You're still waiting... 

Wondering when it's going to be your time to shine?

Join Wolf Sister for this Aquarius Full Moon where we'll be harnessing the power of detachment so that we can start building our trust muscles. Because when you think about it; your best opportunities have come to you when you were looking the other way. 

The phone rings when you've given up waiting and go out for dinner with your friends. 

You meet the man/woman of your dreams when you've wholeheartedly decided that you're happy flying solo. 

You get an email about a feature with Elle magazine when you're away on holiday. 

Good things happen when you let go. 


You arrive at She's Lost Control; you almost walked past it because it's tucked away from the hustle of Hackney. As soon as you walk through the door; the heady smell of incense alerts your senses that you're in the right place. You take a deep breath and feel your shoulders begin to release the tension that you've been carrying all day. 

Wolf Sister welcomes you and you're shown where to put your belongings. Without hesitation your phone's set to flight-mode and it's buried in your bag. This is your time; you do not want to be disturbed. The room is set in a circle with comfy cushions and blankets; you're already thinking of how you can bring some of these mystical vibes into your home. Once you're seated and the rest of the group has arrived Wolf Sister introduces herself and talks about the Aquarius full moon, lunar eclipse and how it can affect us. She's right. You've been feeling some intense feelings lately. She invites the rest of the group to introduce themselves; it's totally informal and relaxed. There's zero pressure to share too much and you feel a sense of relief once you've had your turn. It actually felt good to speak; nothing like the cringey introductions when you've had to do in team trainings with work. Maybe you've found your tribe? 

Over the course of the evening there are three sections: a simple meditation where you clear your energy and start to feel more grounded. There's a practice where you reflect on what's keeping you stuck and how to move forward. You're surprised at the clarity of what's coming through for you. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. After that, Wolf Sister introduces you to a sigil ritual - the art of using symbols and imagery to manifest a specific outcome or experience. You're guided through the ritual and take your time crafting your own symbol to activate a unique kind of magic that will support you. You're given a crystal and carefully inscribe it with your own sigil; you're already feeling excited about the things that you're opening up to. 

Before the ceremony closes, you're invited to pull an oracle card; you smile to yourself because it's as if the card has just read your mind. 

There's magic in the air. You can feel it. 

By 9pm you can't believe that the night's gone so quickly. You'd forgotten that it was possible to feel this calm and clear. You float home and fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. It's been a full moon to remember. 

Are you in?

No previous meditation/spiritual/mystical/ceremony experience necessary. If this event is calling your name; we'd love to have you with us. 

Please bring pen and paper to take notes and gather any insights from the session. You will receive a crystal to use in the session.