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  • She's Lost Control 42 Valentine Road London, England, E9 United Kingdom (map)

To the world around you, you've got it lit. 

You look like you're a manifesting Queen, getting everything you ever wanted, but the truth is, you're tired, drained, and being a manifesting Queen is wearing you out, it doesn't feel sustainable. 

The result? You're stuck. 

Your creative flow feels as dry as the Sahara desert and inspiration has become as fleeting as a mirage. There's no room on your never-ending to do list to bring anything else to life - not the way you want to, anyway. 

All of those feelings that you've been feeling are trying to tell you something. 

Step out of the hustle and make some time to tune in. 

Take a break.

This is what you need. 

Are you ready to listen to your intuition?

Join Wolf Sister for a crystal infused full moon ceremony where we'll be tuning into the frequencies of moonstone and healing through empowering rituals. 

Moonstone will guide you to align with your natural cycles and rhythms. 

Ignoring your vital need to rest and recharge is a one-way ticket to burn out. 

This crystal is here to activate your intuitive superpowers. It encourages us to feel and acknowledge what we need to support us. 

When you create space for yourself to press pause on life overwhelm, you find a direct line to epiphanies and breakthroughs. 

It's time to start flowing with the blessings that the universe is showering you with, instead of feeling sidetracked. 


In this workshop you'll learn how to harness the power of Moonstone and the full moon. 

You'll activate a unique connection with moonstone through guided meditation, rituals and attune to energies that will nurture your heart and feelings. 

We'll use oracle cards to tap into some moon medicine. 

You'll learn how to embrace the cycles of the moon and the divine feminine. 

You'll receive crystal healing from moonstone.

No previous meditation or crystal experience necessary. 

Please bring: Journal/writing paper and pen to gather any insights from your experience.

Earlier Event: April 5