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  • EC1 House Mitchell Street London, England, EC1V 3QL United Kingdom (map)

Have you ever wondered who your spirit animal is?

In case you’re wondering: we all have one.

We all feel like we have a connection to an animal. Y'know those connections where you can’t quite explain it, you just know.

It might be an animal that you’ve always been drawn too or one that’s been stalking you lately.

Maybe your childhood bedroom was covered in dolphin paraphernalia, there’s infinite space in your wardrobe for all things leopard print or flamingos are your interior design inspo.

Did you notice that owl/turtle/cat/unicorn/wolf following you around?  

Your spirit animal is lurking in the unlikeliest of places.

Emblazoned as street art.

On a car bumper sticker that you’re stuck behind in traffic.

It’s the first thing you see when you start scrolling on instagram.

Your friends buy you presents related to your animal with ‘I saw this and thought of you’ written all over it.  

When you acknowledge your spirit animal, you start to see it everywhere.

This ain’t no synchronicity; it’s your spirit animal trying to get your attention.

Because there’s a message waiting to be heard.

Those questions that you keep asking? Your spirit animal has the answers.

It’s no secret.

You just haven’t been listening.

Join Wolf Sister for a unique experience where you'll get up close and personal with your spirit animal. You will be guided through a shamanic journey where you’ll get the down-low from your spirit animal BFF.

During this workshop, Wolf Sister will activate the connection with your Spirit animal through guided meditation and introduce ways to get to know your spirit animal better.

Anyone can take part in this shamanic journey, there's no need to have any previous experience in meditation.

This is your opportunity to speak to your animal guide and get to know why it’s tapping on your shoulder.

It's time to start working with your intuition.

Expect the unexpected.

Wear something cosy and bring your journal/notebook to gather inspirations and insights that you'll receive from the journey.

Doors will be open from 3:40 pm - please arrive before 4pm so you have time to settle in and get comfortable.


Find out more about working with your spirit animals here

Check out 'I Found My Spirit Animal in Croatia' on Horizon Hoppers. Written by Emily Hannah about what it was actually like meeting her spirit animal during one of these workshops. 

Earlier Event: February 22
Later Event: March 10