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Your life experiences influence how you feel everyday. 

Sometimes it's easy to flow with what the universe is offering, you feel blessed and you're radiating love beams of gratitude. It's easy to get up for work in the morning and there are no delays on your commute. You notice synchronicities everywhere and it feels like everything is going your way. 

Other days you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed. 

This workshop is here to help you stay in the flow lane, by giving you tools and rituals you can turn to again and again.

That disappointment with your boss/lover/friend/family lingers in the back of your mind like an echo. Something insignificant sparks a flashback of the situation - your shoulders tense and that tight knot of anxiety reappears in your stomach.

You’re still carrying that story and it was days, weeks or maybe even months ago... 

Your mind starts to cloud over and you’re in a downward spiral of comparison. 

You’re trying to move forward but it feels like you keep getting dragged back again.

When you hold onto your emotions, obsess over the ‘shoulda’, ‘woulda’, ‘coulda’s and ultimately hold onto the past, you trick yourself into thinking that you’re powerless.

All of your insecurities are triggered and your inspiration starts flat-lining…

The argument with your ex. You’re still carrying it.

The job opportunity that you didn’t get even though you thought you were made for it. You’re still carrying it.

The time that you’re friend wasn’t there for you - despite the fact that you’re the only one who’ll to listen to her on repeat as she moans about her life. You’re still carrying it.

What if we told you that right now your aura is resembling a hoarder’s paradise of emotions and that’s what’s keeping you stuck in this cycle.




Learn how to clear your energy of distractions with practical tools and visualisations

Create space in your life to feel what you need.

Because when you’re tuned into yourself, life starts flowing again.

Rituals that can be used everyday without an extravagant ceremony.

New habits that will help you find inspiration and clarity.



// Energy 101

Learn what energy is really all about - how your energy is affected by situations, events and people, how to tune into your feelings and use that awareness to empower you.

Practical tools and visualisations for cleansing, grounding, protecting and amplifying your energy.

Learn how to cleanse the energy of your home or workspace to create your own sacred space.

Ritual remedies for everyday life.

// Yoga session with Pip Roberts

Stretch and move your body where it feels good. Tune into your natural flow and find the space where your mind, body and spirit join forces.

// Group energy healing meditation with Wolf Sister

Relax and surrender your distractions. Declutter your mind and activate your intuition. Set the intention to resolve what no longer serves you so that you can increase your capacity for love, happiness and abundance.

// Goodie bag

To help you flourish as you continue with the rituals.... including meditation and yoga flow recordings for you to continue the practices at home amongst a host of surprises.





Wolf Sister is a Reiki Master, Crystal healer, Shamanic practitioner and Tarot reader. She's an intuitive healer who infuses mystic wisdom into everyday life. She will support you to de-clutter your thoughts and energy so that you can tune into what you really want to manifest in your life.

Pip Roberts is a yoga guide with an honest and authentic teaching style: she fuses together modern science with esoteric thinking, tempting you in. West and East meet and collaborate in explanations. Classes are laid back, energetic and have an open vibe. Pip holds the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma 500hr course certificate in addition to being a certified strala guide having completed another 200 hours of training with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor of StralaNYC as well as yin yoga training with Norman Blair from Indaba, London.

A naturally energetic person, yoga has proven to be a way for Pip to centre and find space through movement, to calm. A much needed skill in twenty first century life.