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  • THE BEAUTY ROOMS 12 Wells Street Chelmsford, England, CM1 1HZ United Kingdom (map)


Join me on Sunday 22nd January for an alternative way to spend your Sunday. 

Private appointments available 10.30am-4pm (advance bookings only). 

- Do you feel like you've lost your spark?
- Are you feeling blocked and want to start moving forward in your life?
- Do you feel anxious and overwhelmed?
- Have you had a lot of change going on in your life, do you want to feel more centred and grounded?
- Do you want to feel like you are going with the flow of life, instead of fighting against the current?
- Do you want to feel calm/peaceful/relaxed/happy?
- Is there something you want to release, that is no longer working for you so that you can make space in your life for more of the good stuff to happen?!

.... or is life is good, you feel great, but it would you would like to open yourself in a more spiritually connected way.

Come and feel relaxed, realigned and recharged.

What is intuitive healing?

As a Shamanic practitioner, I use ancient healing practices to bring you back into balance. In your session, we'll discuss what is and isn't working for you at the moment and support you in releasing what is no longer serving you. This could be negative thought processes, limiting beliefs and outdated attachments to situations/people. It's discordant energy that we collect on our journey through life, that weighs us down. By clearing through the energetic clutter, you're able to call back your energy in a transformative and affirming way that will lead you to empowerment.

I work with a combination of Reiki, Shamanic healing practices and Crystal healing. Using these sacred practices to connect you back to your purpose.

- To overcome trauma and crisis.
- To support in times of change and transition.
- To ground, centre and focus your energy.
- To amplify energy; motivation, creative expression, confidence, radiant heart and turning up the volume of your intuitive superpowers.

- Increased vitality.
- Relaxation.
- Improved moods.
- Greater sense of calm, peace and support.
- Clear mind and positive thinking.
- Decreased stress and anxiety.
- Promotes restful sleep.
- Greater sense of confidence and motivation. 

What happens in a Healing session?

My aim is to realign you energetically, to give you a greater sense of calm, confidence, self love and empowerment.

We will begin by assessing any areas in your life and emotions that you feel need adjustment. Together we will set the intention of your treatment, so that it serves your highest good.

As you are guided into a relaxed state, I will place a selection of crystals on your body. Crystals are used to amplify the healing transmission and also help to absorb any discordant energy. As I channel healing energy to the etheric body, energetic knots will start to loosen and are gently removed to enhance your flow of energy and promote healing. Any negative debris will be cleared to help bring your energy centres back into alignment. Once balance has been restored the healing energy will be grounded into your body.

At the end of the treatment, I will offer practical insights into the nature of your challenges and how you can turn them into transformative opportunities.

Each treatment is unique to the individual, so everyone will have different experiences in session. In previous sessions my clients have experienced heat sensations, tingles, twitching, energetic vibrations/pulses/release, emotional/stress relief, visions and a greater sense of peace, calm and wellness. Despite this, it is important to release any expectations you may have and be open to what will come up for you. It's so important to trust in the intention as you will be guided to receive what is for your highest good and what you need at the time...


Earlier Event: January 17