crystal HEALING

Mother Earth knows. Crystals are powerful. Heal yourself + heal your life using the universal frequencies that crystals transmit.


Within every crystal is a portal to another state of consciousness. Crystals are the key to unlocking your potential. Inviting light to the parts of you that were forgotten, until now.

Call your power back.

Wake up your innate superpowers.

Feel centred and balanced while you’re in a state of transition and move through change sweetly and smoothly.



What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing harnesses the power of crystals for healing, inspiration, energy clearing and protection. Each crystal is unique and multifaceted with a kaleidoscope of gifts to offer.

How does it work?

Crystals have a subtle frequency that will balance your energy. They absorb, transform and emit energy, bringing harmony to your situation. Crystals generate healing vibrations that affect the aura (the body’s energy field).

When receiving a crystal healing treatment, your energy frequency will be aligned to the crystals frequency. When you raise your vibration, you’ll find clarity in your situation and feel confident in moving forward.

What to expect:

After a consultation, you’ll lay fully clothed on the therapy table. Crystals will be chosen intuitively in alignment with the intention of your session. The crystals will be placed on your chakras to activate your total energy system . You’ll be guided into a relaxed state where spiritual energy will be channelled through the crystals. Each chakra will be balanced and activated. Your energy will begin to flow harmoniously. You’ll emerge feeling calm and relaxed.


session: 1.5 hrs | investment: £150

Sessions available in-person or via Skype


Warm, calming and deeply intuitive, speaking with Wolf Sister is like talking to a wise friend who has known you for years. After a session, I feel perfectly centred, de-cluttered and sleep like a baby. In our last session, we worked on getting rid of some negative energy which had built up from a difficult situation. Releasing the energy felt like a bolt of lightening and I haven’t looked back since.

Rachel, Effy Nails

Wolf Sister is the intuitive spiritual healer that you want to know. I’ve had many sessions with her now and I don't know how it works, but it does. When I'm feeling like I need more headspace or my life 'to-do' list is out of control, a relaxing healing session is my first step. I then let the following days and weeks unfold with a smile.... 


Only 2 sessions down but without doubt many more to come. Wolf Sister is not only helping my day-to-day but also my long term. I am excited to see where my journey takes me and I implore you to discover yours with Wolf Sister too!