Saturn Obsessing.

I've noticed a very familiar theme going on around me and surprisingly enough astrology has something to answer for it! That's the thing I love about astrology, it's like our souls sat-nav to this lifetime and if we can understand the energies around us then we can harness them for our highest good.

A couple of my friends have been a bit out of synch with their usual selves and after listening to them it all sounds so familiar. I really feel like I've walked the path that they are on - in a similar but different way. They are both stunning and creative, on the brink of something amazing.... and a little way from the 30th birthdays.

This is where the astrology part comes in...

Oh hiiiiii Saturn, our planetary life coach/personal trainer!

Saturn is the planet that instills discipline, responsibility, authority, control, limitation, fear and denial - amongst many other restrictive nouns. When Saturn arrives its time to get things in order, no more messing around. It takes Saturn 27-29 years to orbit the Sun and return to the zodiac sign that it was at the time you were born. This brings us into our Saturn return (aged 27-29 years old). Some of us may have had a sense of dread at the thought of turning 30, it's that time limit we impose on ourselves to have sorted our shit out. I called it 30 doom when my 30th was approaching - not so much because I was dreading turning 30 but more because everyone seemed to expect me to dread it. For me turning 30 was quite empowering. 2 years (on my 28th birthday) before I had come to a point in my life where I felt a lot less empowered and to put it simply lost in an ocean of anxiety. This is when I decided that things needed to change. I wanted to heal myself holistically - cue Saturn! From then on I went to regular counselling sessions, I went to yoga classes which led me beautifully to meditation, I started to eat more consciously - aware of how certain foods would affect my energy, I read as many self-development books that my mind could ponder over and most importantly I learnt how to love myself. I stopped beating myself up for EVERYTHING. It was probably the hardest two years of my life and after dealing with some of my darkest shadows, I approached my 30's enlightened and happy. No longer do my worst days outweigh my best days. Phew!

So to anyone that is feeling the out of balance, as if life has turned a bit upside down and it's not far from that special birthday...

It's going to be all good.

Saturn comes to help us realise what is no longer working for us (things that might not haven't been for a long time..) and encourages us to develop inner resources that will make us walk towards our future with stronger footing. When Saturn comes knocking on your door, don't hide... Its time to make your real dreams reality.

Have you been feeling Saturn's influence in your life? I'd love to chat about your experiences.

To find out more about Saturn return, check out You can also do a free astrology chart ( ) to work out your own cosmic sat-nav.

tamara driessen