Crystals 101


Crystals have a subtle healing energy, their delicate presence can have such a positive and profound impact on our lives. This is a guide to finding the crystal that's meant for you and how to use your crystals to their highest potential.


When choosing crystals I believe that your intuition is your best guide. We are intricate creatures and I think that it's important to tune into those unique facets of yourself by choosing a crystal that sings specifically for you now, not just for your month of birth or zodiac sign.

What crystal draws you into the shop?

What crystal can't you take your eyes off?

What crystal/rock/fossil/shell are your hands pulling towards?

Healing energy can be contained in all sorts of things, don't dismiss anything just because isn't the shiniest or prettiest of them all.

Hold the crystal in your hand for a moment. How does it feel? Does it make you feel calm? Do you feel energised? Can you feel it's energy at work? If this crystal resonates for you and it feels as if you have been reacquainted with an old friend, that's your crystal.

When choosing crystals, it isn't about logic and what you think you need to get. Follow your intuition to choose a crystal that feels right for you.

When choosing a crystal for someone else: Set the intention for who you want the crystal for and what you want to help them with. You can call on your spirit guides/angels to help you with this. "Please help me find a crystal for____, to bring them love, light and happiness".


As soon as you get your new crystal it's important to cleanse your new friend. Crystals absorb and transmute energy - good and bad. When crystals are full up they can release old energy which can sometimes be a bit funky. You don't know where this crystal has been or who it's been in contact with. You wouldn't move into a new house and leave all of the previous owners junk in it would you? Of course you wouldn't, you'd make sure it was clean and fresh before you even thought of moving in! It's the same with crystals, cleanse it to make sure you've got the purest connection possible. It's important to cleanse your crystals regularly, not just when you first get them. This can be done as little or often as you like but you'll notice the difference when you do.

Sage - Burning sage will neutralised any negative energy stored in the crystal, this is quick way of cleansing your crystals and ideal for crystals that are soluble in water - like Selenite, Pyrite, Opal, Peacock ore.

Salt water - Fill a bowl with water and add two big pinches of salt, I prefer sea salt for this. Allow the salt to dissolve in the water and immerse the crystal. Leave the crystal in the water for a few hours and rinse the crystals with fresh water before allowing them to dry. If you have crystals in jewellery that you want cleanse but you are worried about damaging the jewellery with the salt water you can use an indirect method. Fill the bowl with salt water (as above) and place a small glass in the bowl allowing the salt water to surround the glass. Place the jewellery in the glass where it will remain dry but will absorb the cleansing energy from the water.

Visualisation - Holding your crystal in your hands, visualise white cleansing light channeling in through the top of your head, in to your heart, down through your arms and out through your hands and around the crystal. Visualise the white cleansing light purifying the crystal and removing any negative energy.

Large Quartz cluster - You can place smaller crystals on a large piece or cluster of Quartz crystal. Clear Quartz and Citrine are self cleansing crystals and their energy will cleanse other crystals that they have contact with.


Crystals are the highest vibration technology around they just need to be told what to do. After you've cleansed your crystal it's time to give it an assignment.

What do you want this crystal to help you with?

Is it to help you feel more confident/loved/energised/supported/to get over that old heartbreak/make your dreams sweeter?... Whatever this crystal has come into your life to help you with, it's time to communicate and let it know what you need it to do.


We all need a little boost sometimes! How lovely do you feel after the sun has warmed your skin or your skin is salty and fresh from swimming in the sea? Crystals love being energised by nature too!!!

Sunlight -  Leave your crystal to soak up some sunshine to energise it with solar energy. Avoid leaving your crystals in direct sunlight for too long, too much sunlight can fade the colour of the crystal and is also a potential fire risk for Quartz  (it can magnify the sun's rays and could potentially start a fire in extreme cases).

Moonlight - When the Moon is at it's fullest leave your crystals outside where they can bathe in the Moonlight.

Running water - Leave your crystal under running water, this could be in the sink or in a stream (if it can be done in a safe way without you losing your crystal in the running water). You could also let gentle waves from the sea wash over them to energise you crystals - hold tight so they don't get washed away.

Earth - Allow your crystal to absorb the Earth's energies by laying it on the ground. You could also try burying your crystal too but just remember where you left it.


There are lots of resources available to find out what your crystal means but there's no better way to find out than ask your crystal yourself. This can simply be done in meditation, sit in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Take a few clearing breaths to centre your energy and bring your consciousness fully into the present moment. As you hold your crystal in your hand, with your eyes closed visualise the energy from the crystal travelling into your hands, through your arms, into your body and up into your head. Feel the crystal activating your Third Eye - the space between your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead. As your crystal activates your Third Eye, feel yourself connected to the Crystal. Feel yourself absorbing it's healing energy. When you feel ready you can ask the Crystal some questions, you could ask it what it's name is and what healing energy does it want to share with you. You can ask it what you need to do to best harness it's powers, where would it like to be kept? How should it be used? Take some time to get familiar with your Crystal as you would meeting a new friend. Don't force yourself to get answers from your Crystal. Initially you may just get a word, colour, symbol or a feeling from your Crystal, trust that the Crystal is sharing with your exactly what you need to know at this time. Getting to know your Crystal more will come with practise but it's much more fun doing it this way than looking it up in a book or on the internet!


How do you find your crystals or how do they find you? Tag me in your pictures @__wolfsister, I'd love to hear your crystal stories!


tamara driessen