You’re more procrastination than manifestation. It’s time to finally figure out what you want. And get it.

Hey, I'm Tamara aka Wolf Sister, your healer, guide and support sister to get you back on track using modern mysticism.

Which isn’t as mysterious as you think.

Because the answers that you're looking for are inside you.

That thing that everyone keeps talking about, your intuition.

It's your highest intelligence.

You’ve just spent your whole life ignoring your intuition in favour of listening to what others have to say.

The result? You don’t know what you want.

All you know is you don’t want what you’ve got.

I know because I’ve been there.


Tamara Driessen also known as Wolf Sister, is a crystal healer, tarot reader, reiki master and author of The Crystal Code. She's an intuitive healer who infuses mystic practices into everyday life.
She has been an apprentice shaman in Bali, taught Supernatural Potion Making classes at Topshop's Oxford Circus flagship store and guided moonlit meditations in Croatia.  
Through her work with individuals and groups, Tamara translates ancient spiritual practices that we can use in the here and now. Soothing the burdens of modern life with meditation, rituals, crystals and energy healing. With her healing therapies, she guides her clients to realise their own potential by awakening their intuition and supporting them to turn challenges into transformative opportunities.
Tamara has been featured on Vice, Refinery 29, Dazed Beauty, Urban Outfitters, Cosmopolitan, The Numinous and in Time Out and Stylist Magazine. She loves working with like-minded visionaries and has collaborated with Anthropologie, ASOS, Becca Cosmetics, Glow Bar, Origins, She’s Lost Control, Secret Yoga Club, Hip and Healthy, Olivia Burton Jewellery, Lululemon (Sweatlife), Wanderlust, Lost Village, Obonjan and most recently, Beat Hotel in Marrakech; to create events that offer sanctuary from the urban hustle.
Tamara holds regular moon ceremonies and crystal healing workshops in London and beyond, amongst other now-age gatherings. You can find her at Still London for tarot readings and healing sessions.