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the crystal code


The Crystal Code explains how to the harness the power of these awesome rocks, introducing us to seventy stones and their unique personalities. It will show you how to find the perfect crystals to empower and energize you and will teach you some easy rituals, meditations and crystallized self-care routines. Whether it's peacock ore to give you more confidence on that nerve-racking first date, blue celestite to conquer anxiety or purple amethyst to you help you feel centred, this is the ultimate guide to regaining control of your life and to feeling happier, healthier and more grounded.



 Release date: 25th October 2018 by Penguin Life. 



Mystic Wisdom For Everyday Life


It’s Not just Something You Do. It’s The Person You Become. And The Life You Want To Live.

Listen To Your Truth. Live Your Truth.


mystic wisdom


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